Fiber Preparation and Blending DVD


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DVD produced by Yarn Barn of Kansas.  New but not wrapped in original plastic.

Presented by Deb Menz. This program includes many ways to prepare fiber for spinning, using both drum carder and combs. The focus is on how to use fibers that have already been dyed to create multi-colored yarns. It starts with drum carding “101” on how to effectively choose and use a drum carder. Then it’s on to blending colors to create new colors. Learn how to get predictable results, to blend luxury fibers, and to create multi-colored drum-carded batts so the colors stay clear and bright. Multi-colored rovings can also be created using combs. By using already combed and dyed wool top, the multi-colors will be created in a multi-step process of color arrangement on wide combs or hackles. Designing plied yarns concludes this workshop. An excellent workshop for any level spinner.

87 minutes


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