Glow in the Dark Knitted Kitty


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This hand-knitted kitty toy stands just under 10 inches tall.

This little kitty is very special. Expose it to light and it glows in the dark! The kitty is made from a unique glow in the dark yarn made by plying commercial nylon glow in the dark yarn with handspun alpaca yarn.  The handspun yarn was then knitted from a Fuzzy Mitten (TM) original design by Barbara Prime.

The alpaca has hints of green and pink in it which gives a great subtle variation to the cat’s colours.  The kitty is stuffed with polyester doll filling material and has orange safety cat eyes and a black safety cat nose, all with metal washers on the back. The mouth is embroidered in black.

These glow in the dark animals are great for children who don’t like to turn out the lights at bedtime or for anyone who just loves things that glow.  Use with a UV flashlight for extra-quick charging.


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