Breadboard (seconds quality)


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This bread board is finished with Butcher Block Oil (white mineral oil), the standard for breadboards.  Woods include maple, cherry, spalted maple, red oak, and others, but primarily cherry and oak. The spalted maple, which is the gorgeous black-and-white wood, has a few natural small voids. Finished with Butcher Block Oil (white mineral oil).  This board is best suited to dry cutting of bread and not wet cutting of vegetables. Measurements are 9/16″ thick, 11 1/2″ long, 7 7/8″ wide.

This board is considered “seconds” quality due to a small spot between boards where the glue didn’t take.  As a result there is a small gap between two strips in one corner of the board.  It does not go all the way through.

Not dishwasher safe; do not submerge in water.


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