MackBeth Whistle #17, Telescoping High D in Brass with White Top and Case


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This is a new MackBeth Whistle, #17, a telescoping brass high D model with white plastic head and blue fipple plug.  It plays quietly with a light airflow so good breath control is important if you want to use it for home practice.  I think it could punch through at some sessions too, especially in the second octave, if you give it a bit more air.  The tone is clear.  It’s hard to give this one up, to be honest.

Both OXXOOO and OXXXOX work for C natural with very slight differences; you may find you prefer the tone of one over the other.  It is a little less prone to condensation clogging in colder areas due to having a plastic headpiece.  It collapses to just under 6 inches.  if you collapse it too far you might have to disassemble the three pieces to get the bottom one pulled out again – don’t panic!

This whistle comes with a black zip up travel case.

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